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"Alex Guy (as Led to Sea) is one of those artists, like St. Vincent or Andrew Bird, who approaches pop music with the eye of a classical composer, breaking down and rebuilding pop tropes into something resembling fine art. It's a constant balancing act, combining classical and pop. But in Led to Sea's case, Guy is able to have her cake and eat it too. " — Weekly Volcano

"Into the Darkening Sky is one of this year's most pleasant surprises...Led to Sea certainly deserves any attention she gets." — In Your Speakers "'ll likely be one of the records that local music critics will mention in their top lists at the end of the year. Alex Guy writes mostly viola-based songs are as unique as they are eerily lovely. Comparisons to Andrew Bird are bound to happen, but Led to Sea have a far more organic sound. The orchestration is light and the accompaniment is sparse but smartly put together. There isn't an overbearing moment in there. Go if only for the sake of watching a talented violist stun a talkative Seattle audience into silence." — Seattle Show Gal

"Led to Sea blew the audience away...You could identify people in the audience who had not seen her perform before because they were picking their lower jaws up off their tables. The performance was nothing short of enigmatic. The layered viola melodies coupled with an incredible voice was enough to hypnotize me for the duration of her set." — Bellingham Herald

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