New album "The Beautiful Humming of Ms. Fortune" released 5/5/15!

I'm so pleased to announce that our new album, 'The Beautiful Humming of Ms. Fortune' is now officially released! You can buy a CD or Vinyl record here by clicking the link below! For digital downloads (as well as physical copies) you can find us on bandcamp, CD Baby or Itunes

Thanks to everyone who dedicated their talents and efforts to making this record happen! And I'm so grateful for all the support of friends, family, and those of you I haven't met yet who donated to the kickstarter campaign to help make this happen!


The Beautiful Humming of Ms. Fortune The Beautiful Humming of Ms. Fortune
2015 (Scary Trophy)

IntoTheDarkeningSky Into the Darkening Sky
2010 (Scary Trophy)

Led to Sea Led To Sea (Self Titled)
2007 (Eleven Records)

Check out the Bandcamp page to hear tracks off of the new album:


website images and album art by Janet Nechama Miller


Led to Sea is the unusual and magnetic solo project from the Seattle-based violinist, violist and singer Alex Guy, who fuses classical, pop and experimental music. Her live show as a string player and vocalist has captivated audiences all over the U.S. and Europe, and draws comparisons to St. Vincent and Andrew Byrd. She has opened for and shared the stage with a host of renowned artists, including Laura Veirs, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Mirah, Sera Cahoone and Jherek Bischoff. She has also contributed to albums from Amanda Palmer, Xiu Xiu, Laura Veirs, Mirah and Parenthetical Girls.

Led to Sea's third album, The beautiful humming of ms. fortune, is the product of a two-year collaboration with engineer and co-producer Jherek Bischoff (David Byrne, Amanda Palmer). The album exemplifies a wide-range of Alex's compositions, featuring lushly orchestrated songs with pop sensibilities, alongside stripped-down, bare arrangements with haunting melodies. At the core of each song is Alex's enigmatic viola and voice. She uses her viola as a diverse vehicle for soaring string melodies, driving bass lines and guitar riffs, and ethereal atmospheric layers of sound. She has taken the classical string instrument and turned it upside-down, creating unexpected compositions that transport the listener to ship-wrecking storms, dreamy nostalgic scenes, and fearless journeys.

After several years of touring with various bands in the U.S. and Europe, and eventually running away from Seattle to join the circus as a composer and violinist, Alex decided to dedicate herself to her own music, and thus Led to Sea was born. Since then she has released three albums, and toured all over the world, transfixing audiences with her viola and voice.

When she's not on the road, Alex continues to collaborate with a wide range of artists in Seattle. She's composed for both dance groups and theater ensembles, and currently works with Wayne Horvitz (John Zorn, Bill Frisell) in the Electric Circus, an improvised jazz ensemble, and with the Seattle Rock Orchestra, amongst other ensembles. She is also currently working on a film score for the independent film With Wings and Roots, a documentary about immigration, identity and belonging.

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