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Portland changing seasons, manic oscillations between gray and green. The clouds seem to magnify the sunbeams, shifting atoms in unpredictable ways paving a summer course. The PDX Film Fest is coming up in a few short weeks and with it comes a CARTUNE XPREZ first: a knock-out installation show with friends around the world. The ever-competitive Peripheral Produce Invitational will also see some hooly-NRG in May with a debut peak of our new CASTL CRNRS cartoon.

After this hometown blast bears down we shift gears for a world of travels. Los Angeles, Vancouver, Waldren Island, and a catapult across the world for our first ever international tour. Starting point Latvia, ending point unknown. A cloud of bright light in future time.

April Inspirations:
Evan Meaney - Pixel crasher.
Luke Painter - Fantasy suburbs endlessly reconstructed.
USAISAMONSTER - Peter Glantz + Kevin Hooyman's blazing new forest video.

Last entry: 02/14/09 RCSSION PRF


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